Facebook Ads Manager vs Business Manager : Which is Better for Your Business?

Differnece between Facebook Ads Manager and Business Manager.

Do you know what is the difference between a Facebook Ads Manager and Business manager?

If not, then don’t worry, through this post today you will get clear, which account you should continue to promote your business. People who are new to running Ads it’ll be a bit complicated for those people, but they must have heard that “practice makes a man perfect”.

Which is Beneficial? Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager

✅ Facebook Ads Manager

As this name is telling you the main purpose of Facebook Ads Manager is to manage and creating the Ads. You should have a page on your Facebook account to run Ads.

Those who are doing their business are also required to create many Facebook Ads accounts at the same time, then Facebook also gives this facility to you for promoting your business easily.

Everyone has different motives for running Ads such as Traffic, Engagement, Reach, Conversion, Video Views, Awareness etc. Facebook gives you all options, you can run ads via Facebook Ads Manager with any motive.


Facebook Ads Manager


While running Facebook Ads, you will get a lot of facilities there like you can decide where you want to run your Ads. Facebook Ads Manager gives you some options such as Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger etc.


Facebook Ads Manager to manage your ads


Now if we talk about which people you can target via Facebook ads, then there is a very helpful option available by which you can target the audience very easily. In Facebook Ads Manager you can filter your audience by Age, Gender, Interest, Demographic, and Location etc.

Facebook gives you the option that you can find out from which platforms you got clicks on your ads. As we saw earlier that Facebook gives opportunities to run Ads in different places.

Keep in mind that when you run Ads on Facebook Ads Manager, then you will see an option to boost the post, it is not really Facebook Ads. It is an option to just make your post reach increase by paying a little amount.

Facebook Ads Manager: https://facebook.com/ads/manager

✅ Business Manager


Facebook Business Manager


Business manager Is very useful to manage all Facebook pages. Running an agency? Are you running your business with a team? If yes, then the business manager is the best.

In this, you can give your team members access to the accrual accounts of their work. In Facebook Business Manager, you will get different options like Admin, Analyst, Editor, Moderator etc.

You need to request access to Pages or ad accounts. By using all these options, you can easily assign tasks to your team members or to Colleague.

The business manager is more secure for managing your pages and accounts. Here the owner can easily analyse work what employee is working, how they are doing etc.

Create account on business manager

While using Business Manager you can manage your personal account easily and separately, Here you can manage multiple accounts.

In business manager, you can manage as well as create a page, ad account. But remember one thing when creating a page or ad account via the business manager, once you create then you cannot delete it.

The biggest difference is in Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager that you can only manage Ads in Ads Manager and in Business Manager you can manage Ad account, Pages and People those are working with you.

Business Manager: https://business.facebook.com/

This is all about Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager. I hope that after reading this article, all the doughts related to Facebook Ads Manager and Business Manager have been cleared. According to me, it is easier to understand Facebook Ads manager.

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