Best 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for Your New Website

Here you will get the list of best keyword research tools that absolutely free. If you are planning to make your new website, then you need to find the right and relevant keywords to make your presence on Google #1 position.

With a new website, you don’t need to purchase keyword research tools because, in the beginning, everyone doesn’t have a budget for paid tools. That’s why I have created this list of free keyword research tools which will help you to find relevant keywords.

List of Best Keyword Research Tools Without Investment

1. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

This tool is the most known and useful tool to find a relevant keyword, I personally used and it has great experience with google keyword planner. It is a good choice when you start your new website because this is very easy to use, easy to get suggested keywords also.

find keywords through google keyword planner

What you have to do, just sign up with your Google account and enter your keyword it will provide you some information such as: Volume (Monthly Searches), Suggested Keywords, and competition of that keyword.


2. Google Trends (Free)

Google Trends is a keyword research tool that is provided by Google. This is a tool that shows the exact trend of a particular keyword or search query. In this tool we can find the related keyword of the searched keyword and also you can analysis that on which keyword is growing rapidly.

Suppose I want to see the trend between “Search Ads” and “Display Ads”.

Google Trends is a keyword research

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take the “Display Ads” keyword but the trend should be kept in your mind. So you should go to the “Search Ads” keyword.


3. Soovle (Free)

If you want to search keywords for multiple channels at once, then Soovle is one of the best options to find relevant keywords and that too free. Soovle gives you suggested keywords for YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Soovle is one of the best options to find relevant keywords


4. Ubersuggest (Free)

Using the best approach, you have a golden opportunity to find targeted keywords and their search volume. Ubersuggest is a famous and well know keyword research tool and this is really easy to access as a beginner also. Once you will enter your keyword you will find a list of suggested keywords there.

Best free keyword research tools for relevant keywords

For searching the best keywords for your new website free then this tool also will help you out. This keyword research tool gave you accurate data for every keyword.

Update: Now Ubersuggest providing their extension also to use easily

New Feature: You can type a competitor’s domain to get better keyword ideas


5. Google Search Console (Free)

Google Search Console is not an actual keyword research tool, This will help you to track your website and organic reach through keywords. You can easily find relevant keywords through Google Search Console on which you ranked already.

best and free keyword research tools

This is an absolutely free keyword research tool that will help you to get your Niche base keywords.


6. SEMrush (Partially Free)

SEMrush is a little bit different from other keyword search tools. If you are entering a particular keyword, then you will get a suggested keywords list, and you can export an XML file to filter out keywords.

free keyword research tools which will help you to find relevant keywords

Even you can research keywords according to your country. This tool will show you Related Keywords, Organic Traffic, Paid Search Traffic, Keyword Difficulty level, etc. This tool is actually paid but you can try it free for 7 days as a trial version, which will show you the same results.


7. QuestionDB (Free)

Free Keyword Research Tools list to find relevant keywords

Question DB is not actually a keyword research tool, if you search a keyword here then you get a list of question what people asked. According to those questions, you can define your keywords also.

In Short, this tool will provide you question base keywords from that you can easily make your content. Here you can filter according to popularity.


8. Jaaxy (Free)

What makes Jaaxy different from others?

Get free and best keyword research tool

In Jaaxy you can find a lot of related keywords according to your targeted keyword. Some keywords find you even you won’t find on other tools.

This keyword research tool will show you Average Monthly Searches, Organic Traffic, and I think it’s absolutely helpful for anyone who is working on the beginner level. Isn’t It?

What you need to do just sign up over there and just start searching your keywords that’s it.


9. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs also a known and famous keyword research tool. From this tool also you will find suggested keywords, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume this tool will also show you the backlinks of your competitor.

Ahref shows keywords but mostly known for backlink analysis.

best keyword research via Ahref


10. Google

Google is one of the best and free keyword research tools ever in the world. By using only Google you can find unlimited relevant keywords. Now Google provides content on the intent basis, you will find automatic suggestions of keywords.

You will find what people are actually searching on Google and this will help you to target keywords accordingly.

Suppose we search “Ketogenic Diet” then Google will suggest many of the keyword related to the ketogenic diet.

keyword research through google


Even on Google, you will see people also ask some questions and Google provides you to select topics for your website.

research tool (Google)

Don’t get me wrong, but you can not final your keyword through searching on Google. You just can get the idea to use your keywords but you have to find the volume and keyword difficulty through the Keyword Research tool only.


So this is the list of Free Keyword Research Tools, I must say if you are starting your website then it’s pretty good to use free keyword research tools. But after some time when you will be on a good level then you will have to go for paid tools.

I hope I have covered many of the free keyword research tools, if you think or you find any other tool which is absolutely free then let me know in the comment box or you can connect with me through Email:

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