8 Major Google Algorithm Updates – Detailed Explanation

Google algorithm update

In today’s post, we will see the Google Algorithm Updates, which you should keep in mind while doing SEO of your website, What is Google Algorithm, How they work and when these updates are released.

What is Google algorithm?

Google brings different types of updates every year, and all the updates are done to bring more relevant result on the top of the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

There are some Google Updates which does not much effect on your content, but there are some major updates that can affect your ranking if you have not made content keeping in mind about Google Algorithms.

The Updates that Google does to get relevant content from every web pages is actually called Google Algorithm Updates.

Major Google Algorithm Updates List

1. Panda Update


Demotion of your website with low-Quality Content, Duplicate, or thin content, Keyword Stuffing, Poor User Experience, user-generated spam


Feb 24, 2011

Google Panda update has been done majorly for content, in which if the content on any web page contain duplicated content, thin content and Palagirisam, then those web pages will be demoted from the Google SERP.

In the initial days, the Panda update was not so impressive, but in 2016, this update is considered to be the most important in Google algorithm updates.

How to Fix It?

The only way to fix this is to create healthy content, do not do keyword stuffing, do not paste copied content.

Once you have created the content, check that it does not have Palagirisam.

While writing content, remember that you did not create thin content, thin content means that low word count, multiple times affiliate links, webpages filled with Ads, etc.

To check all this, you will find many tools online. Using tools you can analyze your website easily.

2. Penguin Update


Demotion of your website with Spammy or Manipulative Links, Over-Optimisation of Anchor Text


April 24, 2012

In this Google Algorithm Update, Google will demote your website ranking if Google gets Irrelevant links on your website such as: paid links, link from an irrelevant site, over optimised anchor text etc.

How to Fix It?

In order to avoid the effects of Penguin updates, it is necessary that you place a relevant link on your website.

Check your website daily like: which types of links and websites on which your links are made.

Keep your website secure from any unusual activities; Many times your competitors make an Irrelevant link on your website, which will give an effect on your ranking.

To analyst your website there are many online tools available such as SEOSpyGlass

3. Mobile Usability Update


Demotion of your website with Poor Mobile Usability


21 April, 2015

As it is known from the name of this Google update that your website is very important to be mobile-friendly. As we know, people spend more time in mobile than desktop, so Google launched this update to create the qualitative user experience.

How to Fix It?

To make the website mobile responsive, optimize all web pages so that your website can also be accessed in mobile.

Along with mobile usability, it is necessary to open your website soon. You can use the online tool to see if your web pages are mobile compatible and through Google search console you can also find out whether your pages are mobile responsive or not.

4. Hummingbird Update


Demotion of your website with Low-Quality Content


22 August, 2013

Hummingbird Update helps Google to provide results on the intent basis of the user. If the keywords used in your web page but the content of that page is different, then your website can be demoted. Because Hummingbird update is the way to identify qualitative content.

How to Fix It?

By paying attention to keyword research, the effects of this algorithm of Google can be avoided. When creating content, focus on creating Intent Base Content using those keywords more.

Stop using exact match keywords focus on the concept of making intent base content. This Google Algorithm Update is present here to establish perfect user experience which is the key factor to be ranked high.

5. RankBrain Update


Demotion of your website with Low-Quality Content, Poor User Experince


26 October, 2015

Rank Brain is considered to be the third most important ranking factor. RankBrain is a learning system machine that helps Google to appear to the user by searching the relevant query.

Rank Brain is one of the updates of Google algorithm update to find out which topic or what your page is about and analyst the relevancy of search results.

How to Fix It?

Make qualitative content with relevant queries, making relevant content will give you good user-experience which is a crucial factor to get into search results and Google will give more value to your content.

To keep the user experience good, you need to update your website from time to time so that you can work on your website bounce rate. You can easily optimise your pages by competitive analysing.

6. Medic Update


Demotion of your website with Lack of EAT Signals, Lack of Appropriate match of user intent


4 May, 2018

In Google Algorithm Updates Medic update has firstly affected the organic rankings of health, fitness, and medical websites.

Not only this industry but a heavy change has been noticed in search ranking for the business industry also. In the Medic update, Some EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust)signals have been applied.

How to Fix It?

To avoid the impact of the medic update, make your content only by confirming that you have enough information about it.

Increase the authority of the website so that the EAT rule can be followed and to increase the authority, you can create backlinks on high authoritative websites.

SEO SpyGlass is an online tool that can analyze you and your competitors’ backlinks and report back to you about the space between your website and your competitor’s website.

7. Speed Update


Demotion of your website with low speed of loading web page


9 July 2018

Page speed is also considered to be an important factor of ranking because when the user visits your website in mobile, it is necessary to load very quickly otherwise you can lose your visitors.

How to Fix It?

There are online tools available to analyze web page speed so that you can easily know which factor you need to pay attention to. This Google Algorithm Update is mainly for user experience and user engagement.

There are many factors that are responsible for loading speed but the crucial point is server response, and when you will analysis your website then you will get to know what resources you need to comprise or optimise.

8. Pigeon Update


Demotion of your website with improper setup of Google My Business, Irrelevant local search results


24 July, 2014

Google has released a new update called Pigeon Update to provide complete relevant and accurate local search results. These updates are for mainly for Local Businesses, so that they can show their business through local search queries on the users’ relevant search basis.

Google has said that this algorithm will help improve the distance and location-based ranking.

How to Fix It?

Use relevant keywords to make searchable content through users. Select keywords on the basis of local searches so that you can get ranked via following this Google Algorithm Update.


These are the major Google Algorithm Updates but Google does many of the updates so far. I hope this post will help you out to follow Google Algorithms which is a crucial part to be get ranked on Google.

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