20 Expert Tips to Get Instagram Followers In 2020: That Actually Works

To increase followers on Instagram, you first need to have your Instagram account set up properly. This can be a little difficult but it is necessary to get a strong base of Instagram followers.

Instagram followers

Purchasing the followers to increase your Instagram followers is over now. Because only real followers will like to read your content and comment on it.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Have a Worthy Instagram strategy

To create an Instagram account, it is very important to adopt a well-thought-out approach. Things that must be in your mind:

why do you want to increase Instagram followers?

What are your goals?

Because doing anything without a goal is considered nothing but useless.

Walking with your Goal enables you to work continuously. There can be many reasons to increase Instagram followers such as:

  • Bringing people to your website
  • Selling Your Affiliate Products
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Branding of your business


2. Determine Target Audience

Before reaching the content to people first know what kind of audience you want to target.

Once you decide everything, you can very easily give your Relevant content to the targeted audience.

When the audience started getting the content of their need, they would not only be new to follow but they would also like and comment on every post. In short, your post will start getting engagement.


3. Optimize Your Profile and Bio

Your profile is most important to increase Instagram followers. If every new person comes to your profile, then he will see why should I follow him?

Because your profile and bio will decide whether your visitors follow or if your profile is incomplete, or not understandable, then they will leave without following you.

If you are running a website, then you can also give a link to that website in bio, your name and username should be rememberable. Your bio should be a maximum of 150 characters, which is enough to complete the bio of a profile.


4. Use Relevant Keywords

On Instagram, it is very important that people can reach you, for that, you must use relevant keywords. There are two things on Instagram that contribute to searching in Instagram Name and Username.

To create your username, you must use the brand name or any of its synonyms. You can choose any username that suits your brand. Keyword Stuffing is not a good way, but it is also important to use keywords when creating a profile.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

By using hashtags on Instagram, your account can easily reach more people. Hashtags are a great way to get more and more followers and that too for free.

Through hashtags, people start seeing your posts in a progressive way, which will increase the quality and quantity.

In order to grow the followers, you should use a maximum of 30 hashtags in one post. This means that by using the hashtag you can generate a lot of traffic on your website.


6. Share High-Quality Content

For post engagement, it is necessary that your post is clickable so that people can comment, like, and share it. Whenever the users are on your profile, The content should be such that the user is eager to see more Content.

Once you get comments, likes, and shares on your post, you follow the algorithm of Instagram, and following the algorithm helps to grow the followers.

And the most important thing is that you have to post continuously to keep the user engaged.


7. Pin Your Best Comments

There are many ways to get more and more followers but a new feature for Instagram followers is to pin your best comments. Instagram providing a new feature by which you can pin three comments for each post.


This option will help more to get engagement on your post, I have used and I must say you will get the instant result by doing this activity to improve your conversation with your targeted audience.


8. Work With Influencers

Many users on Instagram have said that when they follow the brand, they see that the products of that brand are promoted by influencers.

Promoting products by influencers is an advantage for any Instagram account and followers will grow.


9. Make Stories Highlight

Stories highlight will be an extra advantage to get new followers on your Instagram. Visitors who visit the first time on your account they must focus on your journey of Instagram and they can get more attracted to follow.


Instagram Stories Highlights
Source by: @design.emergency

10. Promote Instagram Account on Other Social Networks

There is another way in which you can get more and more followers and post likes are that you can share your content and account link on other social media profiles.

Sharing the account will increase the visibility of your account so that you can see an increasing rate in your followers from every social media platform. Let people know about you so that they can get Engaged.

If you have created a new account, then it should be noted that you should first share some content in your account before sharing on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc they will help to get grow on your Instagram followers.


11. Schedule Your Posts

Schedule the post has proved to be a great benefit for saving and posting at the right time. But you cannot post directly through Instagram, for that, you will have to use the tools for this:

such as Hootsuite, Later, Agorapulse, and may more.

Schedule post is considered to be a big factor for growing followers.


12. Write Attractive Caption

One way to increase Instagram followers is to present a caption of your post properly and put the Relevant Content.

The caption plays a very big role to get likes and comments on the post and you know it well that likes and comments are considered a factor to get followers on Instagram.


13. Use IGTV Series

Use IGTV to get Followers on Instagram

It is a benefit of the IGTV that we can also put an hour-long Viedo on it and also can make an IGTV series that will inspire the viewers to follow you.

The nature of the IGTV series is considered to be the factor of engagement.

On Instagram, we can not upload a video for more than 3 to 60 seconds, but if you want to upload a longer video than you have to use IGTV. Using IGTV will also help you to get Instagram followers rapidly.


14. Collaborate with Other Brands

Collaboration means taking a business to a good level with someone. If you think that you can work with a brand, then just connect with them to collaborate because collaborating with the brand is also a part to increase followers.

Collaboration with the brand will also build trust for followers and it will help you to get more real followers.


15. Embed Instagram posts in your blog

Embed post is clickable so we have to put on the blog so that users can directly click on that embed post.

And rather if you have very good traffic on your blog, then you have a good chance that you should embed the link of your Instagram so that those users can also follow you on Instagram.


16. Live collaboration

Instagram is a great way to talk on live video, talking through video has become very common these days, which is very beneficial. You can interact with people with questions and answers and that too live.


View this post on Instagram

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Live video can be visible in your brand story and it appears only for 24 hours but you replay it again. Live videos will attract users and they can follow you easily.

In the live video, you can invite anyone to interact with you and you can continue that with Q & A session as well. You and another person who will connect with you both will show on a single screen and you can make them introduce to others.


17. Post Consistently


Post Consistently on instargam


Your followers want to see your daily updates, so those followers will be there, but if you do not enter the daily post then you can get a down rate in the followers.

As we read that the Instagram algorithm works properly with the help of followers engagement, and for that, you need to publish a post consistently. So it is your duty to provide good and relevant content to the existing followers.


18. Use Interactivity Stories

Updating Instagram stories on a daily basis was seen as an attractive way followers grow. Uses of stickers, polling, etc. in stories on daily basis is also a means of increasing post-engagement.

The goal of Instagram is to get engagement on posts and to increase followers through posts so that you can take your account on a top-level.


Use Interactivity Stories

Source: Instagram

19. Follow Relevant Account (According to Your Niche)

On Instagram, you can follow the account as per your niche. Any wish you can follow and the advantage is that there is a chance that they will check your feed also.

If they would like your posts and way of the presentation then they must follow you back. But remember one thing that you should not follow too many accounts with the same niche because your followers should more than your following.

If you are following someone’s account then you should keep follow them because it’s not a game that you’ll unfollow after they follow you back. It’s not the right way to get Instagram followers.


20. Analysis Your Instagram Account

Instagram gives you the facility to analyze your account so that you can make improvements in your account.

In insight, you will get to know how much time users spend on your account.

Analyzing your account will help you out that which location you should target to get more followers. Even you can see how much the user engaged on which post.


This is all about how to get followers on Instagram, According to my personal experience, Instagram is one of my favorite result driven social media platform. I hope this guide will you help to get more followers, yes it’s a long-term process but following these tips, you must get results.

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