10 Simple Tips: How to Promote YouTube Channel (Free)

How to promote youtube channel free

Do you think YouTube paid ads only the way to promote your channel?

If yes, then you are not aware of that you can promote your youtube channel absolutely for free. In this article, I’ll cover 10 simple tips on how to promote YouTube channel.

Here 10 simple tips to promote YouTube Channel:

  • Click Worthy Title
  • Optimize YouTube SEO
  • Create a Playlist
  • Customize Thumbnail
  • Live Session
  • Publish Regularly
  • Communicate With Your Subscribers
  • Set Call-To-Action
  • Share Your Videos on Social Media
  • Collaborate With Brand

1. Click Worthy Title

As we all know there are millions of videos available on YouTube on the same Niche. No matters how much long and valuable a video you are publishing if your video is not clickable.

So to make a clickable video you should use a click-worthy or eye-catchy title, for making a click-worthy title you can keep in mind these points such as: make it short and descriptive, Use keywords, Use numbers, Use emotional words (Motivating, Fear, Love, Sorrow, Surprise), Ask Question and many more.

2. Optimize Your YouTube SEO

If you want to grow your channel rapidly then do focus on SEO optimization. SEO best practices are the way to promote youtube channel for free. Do research keywords to do YouTube SEO and for keywords, you can see the autofill of youtube it shows what people are searching for more and more.

There are some points to keep in mind while optimizing your YouTube channel such as:

  • Make SEO friendly description for your channel, It will help to users and YouTube to find that on which topic actually you are making content.
  • Establish a Brand so that people can find you on Google easily, Use an attractive logo, Use a color theme, Use some rememberable mark on YouTube.
  • Complete your profile and use relevant keywords to make a findable profile.
  • Use relevant tags in the description, It will help to make your video more accessible.

3. Create a Playlist

Using a playlist can drive more views on videos. While making a playlist you can use your all possible keywords which will help you to get in searches. In the playlist next video play automatic when a video ends.

Make sure you add similar videos in the playlist. It will get more chances to be ranked in Google too.

4. Customize Thumbnail

Making attractive thumbnails also a part of the YouTube Marketing strategy, Thumbnail makes your video attractive and grab more attention from users. YouTube also provides some created thumbnails, but it’s recommended to make it attractive by yourself so that you can make it relevant.

Here are some things you should be noted before making a thumbnail:

  • Thumbnail Size: 1280×720 resolution
  • Make it under 2MB limit
  • Upload image in JPG, GIF, or PNG format
  • Use 16:9 aspect ratio

5. Live Session

YouTube is only the platform that is famous for live sessions, here you can do live streaming, Q&A sessions, Webinars, and many more.

Use this feature to grab more attention from your targeted audience.

6. Publish Regularly

Consistency is very important to get your audience engaged. So make sure you publish videos regularly if you want to promote the YouTube channels rapidly.

If you don’t have time to upload regularly you have another option to schedule your videos. Once you schedule your videos you don’t have to publish again and again so that your users can get updates and notification from time to time.

7. Communicate With Your Subscribers

Interact with your subscribers through comments, Ask questions that which type of video next they want? This communication will help you to get more attention from existing subscribers and also from a new audience.

Subscribers feel special if you pay attention to them, and due to attention, you can make your audience for a long time.

8. Set Call-To-Action

While doing anything you should keep in mind that what action you want to get by your audience. So focus on set call-to-action, it’s really working when we ask about to subscribe, like, and share your videos.

How to Promote YouTube Channel

Those are your new audience will subscribe to your channel if you will ask at the end of the video. You can ask them to share your video with friends and family too.

If you haven’t tried these tactics to promote your channel then you must try because it’s really effective.

9. Share Your Videos on Social Media

This is how you can promote YouTube channel, share your videos link on social media this is a very effective and useful way to get promoted rapidly.

There are different social media platforms available where you can promote such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more.

Recommended to use hashtags with your YouTube videos

10. Collaborate With Brand

Collaboration with the brand helps you to make new videos on the basis of trending. Before the collaboration, you have to be authentic with your niche.

This is the highly recommended way to get promoted to your YouTube Channel. A brand can affect your personality and the trust of your audience. Do collaborate within your industry.


This is how you can promote your YouTube channel, this is not as much as we think but yes if you would be consistent with these tips then you must get amazing results.

I hope this guide on How to Promote YouTube Channel (without paying for ads) will help you out.

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