What is Affiliate Marketing | How Does It Work and How You Can Get Started

If I say that you can earn money easily by staying anywhere and even while sleeping.

Would You Believe?

But Yes it can be done by Affiliate Marketing, This is a very well-known way to earn money by increasing sales, which everyone wants to do. Affiliate marketing has proved beneficial for both the parties for the brand and the Affiliate Marketer.

So let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing:

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which by promoting any company or brand product, we get a piece of the profit of that product as a commission. We can also track the product through an affiliate link and we can know how many sales have been done through our Affiliate link.


Affiliate Marketing business strategy

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate Marketing works as much as we promote products. Three different parties Involve in this process. If you have products but you want to sell more often, then you can offer to affiliate marketer to give money to promote.

But if you do not have the products but want to earn money then you can find a product that you thought has some value and can be sold and promote it as an Affiliate Marketer.


how affiliate marketing works

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There Are Three Parties Involve:

  • Product Seller
  • Affiliate Marketer or Promoter
  • Consumer

Let’s know about how they are related to each other to make Affiliate Marketing Successful 

1. Product Seller

The seller can be anyone like a single person, a big businessman, or a product creator. Products for Affiliate Marketing can be anything such as digital products, health products, and kitchen items, etc.

A person who runs a business and wants to take his business to a higher level, then he will pay to Affiliate Marketer to promote his products to increase the sales of his business.

2. Affiliate Marketer or Promoter 

There can be a single person or any company. This is a process in which the promoters identify sellers’ products in their own words so that they can ready to buy this product.

When these functions are over and anyone buys this item, then the promoter gets some piece of the profit as a commission. Very targeted people are required while doing affiliate marketing.

3. Consumer

The buyer is not affected by buying the product. Affiliate Marketers share products on their social media, blogs, websites, etc through links and people buy products.

In a lot of time, it happens that the buyer knows about the affiliate but he does not have any difference from all this, because he gets his product as he buys directly from the seller.


How You Can Get Started

To start Affiliate Marketing, you do not have to do anything more, you can easily search the affiliate program according to your Niche. All the companies do not offer their affiliate program but still, many companies allow you to generate income.

Such As:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • DigiStore24
  • ShareASale



This can be a way of earning other than your job and very easily you can earn money by selling products with an affiliate program. By reading this article, it will be clear how this process work and how you can earn even while sleeping which I said at the beginning of this article.

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