YouTube Marketing Strategy 2020: 9 Actionable Tactics

YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a video marketing platform, this platform is growing rapidly because today’s generation cannot spend their time without engaging in digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

More than 500 hours of videos are upload on YouTube in a minute. You can grow your YouTube channel as much as you can by adding information and frequent videos.

YouTube channel is considered to be the largest search engine platform after Google, as it gets almost 2 billion users every month.

Follow these steps for Video Marketing Strategy:

Step 1. Build Your YouTube Channel

Before making YouTube Channel you have to be clear about your Niche so that you can set your account accordingly. It is not a tough job to establish a YouTube Channel, just follow these steps to make channel:


  • Sign Up with your regular Google Account
  • Now click on “Create a Channel”
  • Then add the required information to your channel
  • Don’t forget to upload a profile image
  • Make your account set by adding a description and also use relevant keywords
  • Add YouTube Channel Art
  • Adding your social media links also, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and your Website also


This is how you can create your YouTube Channel to do marketing and you have to focus on video marketing strategy because it is very important.

There is another option available which is Brand Account, making a Brand Account will help you out get your business to grow rapidly.

Step 2. Define Your Targeted Audience

While making and uploading a video, keep your audience in mind what kind of content do they want? If you take videos keeping your audience in mind, chances of getting an increasing rate in views and subscribers.


Step 3. Be Original

Be original to become the boss of your own channel. You can take some ideas from your same niche channels but don’t try to make a copy of them because they must be popular in their niche but you won’t be.

Original content can make you famous on YouTube, it’s a long-term process to get more subscribers and views but you will get original subscribers.


Step 4. Optimize Your Video

YouTube Marketing will nothing but useless if you don’t make your video optimize. To optimize Video you need to use titles, relevant keywords, description, and many other factors.

On YouTube also you have to follow SEO factors such as use keyword-relevant descriptions so that users can search you easily. Do remind about Like, Share and Subscribe in your videos and it really works.

Use an attractive and click-worthy thumbnail which plays an important role to do YouTube Marketing (Thumbnail Size: 1280 x 720 pixels).


Step 5. Consistency

Uploading regular videos is a very important part of the youtube marketing strategy. To become consistent you can schedule your videos so that you will never miss the chance to upload a new video.

There are many people who initially add continuous videos but after some time they reduce the quality and quality of the video which is not recommended if you want more subscribers and viewers.


Step 6. Collaboration with Brand

Isn’t it great if your channel gets a reference from someone?

YouTube Marketing Strategy has an amazing opportunity to get references from someone who already famous on YouTube and has a huge following. It will help to get more and more traffic on your YouTube Channel.

If you are promoting affiliate products also then collaboration with the brand will give you an extra advantage to exposure to your audience.


Step 7. Run YouTube Advertisement

YouTube advertising can be a useful way to get real subscribers and your channel grow rapidly. While advertising pays special attention to your targeted audience so that your advertisement does not go waste.

Nowadays people like watching videos on YouTube so much and your Ads will not go waste if you target relevant audiences.


Types of Youtube ads


There are Six types of YouTube Ads Such as:

  1. TrueView In-Stream or Skippable
  2. TrueView Discovery
  3. Bumper Ads or non-skippable
  4. Sponsored Cards
  5. Overlay Ads
  6. Display Ads


Step 8. Use YouTube Stories

YouTube is providing a feature to add stories on a daily basis, but there is a condition you must have 10,000 Subscribers. You can trim your YouTube Stories, add stickers, filters, text, and music, etc.

This feature will help you out to get more and more engagement on your YouTube channel and it can build a strong community with your new subscribers.


Step 9. Analysis Your Channel

YouTube marketing strategy will boost your subscribers on your channel. The analysis will help to know that how your channel strategy is going on does your process work or not? Are you success way or not?

As we know every point of strategy won’t work but we have to learn from that. YouTube provides an analytics tool to check out your brand growth in Video marketing.

Analytics will dive into your mistakes which you have done but after analysis, you have to keep in mind now what steps you have to change for making users aware of your brand.




If you are new to make YouTube Channel then this guide will help you a lot to become the expert YouTuber. I recommend do continually work on your brand promotion you must get results if you will consistent on it.

Making a YouTube video is must be a long process but when it comes to the result of your hard work then it will be unbelievable. Just do your marketing strategy improve from time to time.

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